Signature Shave Cream


This, of course, is the main event in the traditional three-step shave. If you don’t use a quality shave cream, what’s the point of shaving at all?

Product Description

Our specially-formulated Signature Shave Cream produces a rich, creamy, and warm lather that hydrates and protects your skin for the closest shave possible without discomfort. While some generic men’s salon products contain menthol, which can close your pores and stiffen your beard, Kennedy’s Shave Cream helps eliminate the shaving irritation most men experience and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Directions: Lather up a small dab of our Signature Shave Cream with your shaving brush (if you’re without one, your fingers will do…but our shaving cream will last longer when used with a shaving brush) and apply it to your face using a circular motion. Shave with the grain and rinse your razor often.

Tip: For a closer shave, you can shave across (or even against) the grain lightly. Be careful, though, as this may increase your chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Applying our After Shave Soother immediately after you shave will also help eliminate discomfort.

Ingredients: purified water, glycerin, lavender oil, stearic acid, myristic acid, potassium hydroxide, coconut fatty acid, triethanolamine, sodium hydroxide, and linalool.