Signature Pre-Shave Oil


The most important (and overlooked) step in getting the perfect shave is preparing the skin. Our Signature Pre-Shave Oil lubricates your skin, softens your beard, and reduces razor drag, allowing for a closer shave with minimal irritation.

Product Description

One of the leading causes of ingrown hairs and razor burn is poor lubrication. Unlike generic men’s salon products, our specially-formulated Pre-Shave Oil has been proven to dramatically reduce razor burn and nearly eliminate ingrown hairs by coating and softening your facial hair. This first part of the traditional three-step shaving process eliminates dryness, prevents your razor from getting clogged, and allows your razor to truly glide across your face for a remarkably close shave.

Directions: To prepare your skin for shaving, gently massage a very small amount of Kennedy’s Signature Pre-Shave Oil onto wet skin.

Tips: A hot shower will soften your beard and open your pores, preparing your skin for a smooth shave. If you’re pressed for time, a hot towel or splash of hot water will work, too.

Ingredients: peanut oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, safflower oil, grape seed oil, lavender oil, propylparaben, vitamin E, vitamin A, and linalool.