The Kennedy’s Experience

As soon as you walk into a Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club®, you’ll be transported back to a time when barbershops provided real men a place where they shared common values, where they could relax, and where they could enjoy meaningful conversation with old friends and new acquaintances. This is the Authentic Barbershop Experience, and it’s what we work hard to create every day at each of our Kennedy’s Clubs.

Your Kennedy’s Experience begins when you’re first greeted (by name) by one of our Club Managers or Professional Barbers. You’ll be offered a complimentary beverage — your choice of a soft-drink, beer, coffee or water — and you’ll find a nice selection of reading material in our comfortable waiting area until your scheduled appointment time. One of our barbers will then invite you to be seated in one of our plush leather barber chairs. We’ve been told by some of our Members that they feel like a “King” in our chairs, so get ready to receive the pampering you deserve.

The full Kennedy’s Experience comprises two parts. First, your barber will ask you how you prefer your hair to be cut so that it best fits your lifestyle and grooming habits. Our award-winning Signature Haircut includes a shampoo, a conditioning scalp massage, straight-razor edging of your sideburns and neck, and finishes with a neck and shoulder massage and hot towel.

The second part of the Kennedy’s Experience is our Signature Straight-Razor Shave. If this is your first straight-razor shave, your barber will summarize our 30-step shave process, and then proceed to quietly talk you through the steps as they’re performed. Once you become a Member at Kennedy’s and are familiar with the process, your barber will simply let you relax — you may even doze off for a “power-nap” during your shave as many of our Members do. At the end of all this, your barber will explain which grooming products he used and how you can best use these in your own home, too (watch our video for the best possible shave . . . outside of visiting a Kennedy’s Club).

On your way out, you’ll stop by the reception area to schedule your next visit or confirm your next standing appointment (if you’re a Member). You can also stock up on any grooming products you might need.

Until Kennedy’s came along, this kind of nostalgic grooming experience is something you’d only hear about from your grandfather or maybe see in an old movie. Isn’t it time for you to experience this for yourself at a Kennedy’s near you?

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