The 20 manliest hotels in America

From very fancy hotels to no frill lodges, and from a former jail turned into a hotel to a unique bed and breakfast that sits 50 feet off the ground in a tree, Men’s Health recently profiled the 20 manliest hotels in America. Read the article and let us know if you have ever stayed […]

Everything a Kennedy’s Gentleman would want to know about Irish Whiskey.

The  folks at Gear Patrol recently took a trip that makes any Irish Whiskey drinker pretty jealous. Fortunately they documented their story for an article, where they summarize the history of Irish Whiskey, the process for making it, and even describe the differences between some of the most famous brands of it.   If anyone […]

At Kennedy’s fathers and sons can enjoy a trip to the barbershop together.

A great article by Adweek, on how the art of shaving has been used in advertising for years. We can relate to sons gazing up in admiration at their fathers shaving, that’s why we offer Memberships where fathers and sons can enjoy a trip to the barbershop together.

Vote for Kennedy's, 2013 Best Barbershop, Orlando Magazine

Vote for Kennedy’s

We’ve been named the “Best Barbershop” in Orlando for the past three years in a row (six times in the past seven years). The great people of Orlando (Orlandoans?) have been really great to us, and we’d like to keep our streak going. If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to cast your vote for […]

Meet the guy that owns a Soviet tank from Goldeney and a Batmobile.

Forbes recently visited the Dezer Collection Museum and Pavillion in North Miami, where real estate tycoon Michael Dezer has over 1,000 vehicles. They include Hollywood classics like a Batmobile, a T-55 Soviet tank from Goldeneye, and the Ford from Grease. He also has Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis, and a Bugatti Veyron. For the article and pictures of […]

Extreme Makeover: Kennedy’s Barber Club Edition

At Kennedy’s we get some different requests from time-to-time and the story behind this short video is a great one. This is the video of Tamques Elementary School Principal Michael Cullen on his latest visit to our Kennedy’s Club in Westfield, New Jersey. As part of Principal Cullen’s annual tradition he challenged students to read […]

Look and Feel Great…Luck-Free!

Contrary to popular belief, the Kennedy’s Experience imparts no luck on the recipient of said experience. There’s nothing lucky about looking and feeling your best. Our Signature Haircut and Straight-Razor Shave may very well help you get lucky…but that’s something else altogether. To prove to you that there’s nothing lucky about looking and feeling like […]

Have you ever heard of the “Floating Glass House”?

Located in Laguna Beach, this home is actually comprised of two non-contiguous land parcels, neither of which is visible from the street below. To access the property, you must enter the street-level garage. A hydraulic lift will take you and the car down to a lower level, dropping into an entry gallery. From there a […]

The Manliest Restaurants in America

Recently Men’s Health announced their list of 2012’s Manliest Restaurants in America. They tallied votes from 85,000 visitors on their website, and then crowned winners in nine iconic guy-food categories such as best pizza parlor, best steakhouse and more.   Have you been to any of these places? Or do you know of a place […]

Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club cuts, snips and shaves through recession…

A recession-proof business is great in theory, but is it really possible? We think so. While Kennedy’s certainly isn’t a perfect business and we’re not impervious to every economic situation, we’ve worked very hard to keep pushing forward despite the poor economy we’ve all faced in the last few years. In a recent issue, the […]