First, we perfected the Authentic Barbershop Experience. Now we’re working to make it available to more gentlemen by expanding our brand nationwide. Kennedy’s is an easy-to-understand-and-implement men’s grooming concept, and a sustainable one, too. It’s in perfect sync with the mass-affluent market and demographic trends that are growing at blinding speeds. With our patent-pending Membership Model, our franchisees are capitalizing on the $59+ billion per year haircutting industry (a necessity-based industry, mind you) by providing a one-of-a-kind, nostalgic experience.

As we grow, we’re looking for experienced franchise developers and eager new franchisees to lead us into new territories. If you think you’re Kennedy’s material and want to know more, send an email to and we will send you some information right away.

If you think you’re a good fit and want to be a Kennedy’s Franchisee, send an email to, and we’ll send you more information right away.