About Us

Have you ever felt like you’re one of the last gentlemen on the planet hoping for a quiet retreat where you can be surrounded by other like-minded souls needing the grooming and personal services that true gentlemen need?

We used to feel that way, too. That’s why we created Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club®.

While you may have thought that the word “Kennedy” was merely a first name or surname (which is, in fact, a true statement), this is not what we named our All-American Barber Club after. The term “Kennedy,” in its lesser-known state, is a synonym for what we call “The Ultimate Gentleman.” It is a philosophy and an unspoken fraternity among the finest gentlemen throughout the ages. You know who we are speaking of…you’ve seen Kennedys in movies; you’ve heard them croon. You’ve seen Kennedys change the world, and you’ve seen them fight for freedom. Isn’t it time you became a Member and a Kennedy, too?

Step foot inside a Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club, and you’ll instantly be transported back to a time when men were men, when getting a straight razor shave and a haircut were the civilized thing to do. At the same time, you’ll be offered a cool beverage, a modern selection of grooming products, listen to hand-selected music, and much, much more. You’ve worked hard to earn this affordable luxury, and it’s waiting for you here at Kennedy’s…